Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Mowing the Farm

Saturday's require Michael to jump out of bed and start trimming and mowing before the sun peeks over the giant fruit trees on the east side of the property. He pulls his bright yellow riding mower out of the shed and climbs on with a new sense of purpose. Forty five minutes later, he climbs off and then goes for the push mower to hit the spots the riding one couldn't get to. Then it's on to the trimmer. And on and on to the next piece of equipment until the sun is well up past the fruit trees and shining brightly down onto his fresh cut lawn. 


The day grows hotter and he doesn't even seem to notice. He hauls branches and stacks them to be burned later in his newly created fire pit. It's like watching a boy at play. He loves his new playground. 

The big storm two weeks ago, destroyed this patio he is standing on in this picture. And instead of thinking it was a loss,  he thought of a new opportunity, 

to build a larger fire pit. 

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hey, jode said...

Awesome! I married one of those types. If you didn't know him, you would never know he has a green thumb, too. It's his therapy! Lucky you!

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