Monday, September 21, 2015

My Son and an Iguana

I received a letter today with pictures! I only asked him a month ago to start thinking about emailing a picture or two. And today was my lucky, lucky day!
Even though one picture is of an Iguana--an Ecuadorian Iguana so I guess that's kinda okay.

But here is what I wanted,
A picture of his face. 
Real evidence that he is alive and well.

Here is this weeks letter: 

(They are getting quite short and quite mixed with Spanish)

Hola Familia, 
This week was pretty good we had a lot of less actives in church that we are helping get reactivated. All this next week we have to find a lot of new people to teach so that they can go and see General conference. We are really excited for conference, we have to invite as many people as we can so that they can come see for themselves if the church is true. Well all I can tell you to do ahora es to get ready for conference by inviting someone that isn't a member to listen, I don't think there is a better way to be prepared than to invite someone and have to explain to them about conference and what it means to you. Well its just an idea to help be prepared for conference. 
I hope you all have a good week, 
Elder Brown

I really cannot wait to see him again. Next summer can't come soon enough. But for now, I will be happy to know that we both will be watching conference together, just many miles apart.

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