Monday, November 2, 2015

A Short Little Letter from T

Hola Familia, 

This week was really good. Sad to here that Grandpa Jack passed away, but its good to hear that everything is fine at home. It was still a little wierd to have my birthday without also celebrating halloween, by the way, halloween officially doesnt exist here. But this weekend was dia del difunto. We went to a mini zoo in Sanborondon today, it was really cool and I will send some pictures. This week should be very good, because we have a couple of people that could be baptized this week. 
Well I hope you all have a good week,
Elder Brown

And then Nicolina received a short memory about Grandpa Jack: 

Well KEYRudd. Grandpa was obvisously a very hard worker that never gave up. I didn´t get to know him too well, but I know that he knew how to raise a strong family and we are all very blessed because of his hard work and dedication. We will have a lot to tell our grandchildren, especially of the great cheesy sayings but at the same time very inspirational. My favorite is when we are out on the ranch in the middle of the desert trying to eat lunch and dying of thrist, and that saying comes to mind "the best time to plant a tree, was 20 years ago". 

And then he sent along a few pictures: 

And when I zoomed in on his companions tag I discovered his name, did a quick google search and what do you know? I found more pictures of Tanner.

He seems do be doing JUST fine.

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